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The applets in this chapter demonstrate a few simple image processing tasks realized with the Hades framework. They should be fun to watch, and showcase that event-based simulation is not limited to the modelling of digital circuits. The basic idea is to use a class-hierarchy of simulation objects that operate on image data. A corresponding signal class is used to connect the image operators. Instead of logical values, the signals carry references to image objects as their payload. You can instantiate any number of image filters and simply connect them via this new signal type. The standard simulation engine is used to keep track of image changes and notifies the next image filters in the filter chain or filter graph.

 spacer  RGB color model  applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  JPEG image compression applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Sobel filter applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Gauss filter applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Affine Geometry Transformations applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Chessboard applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Gamma correction applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Color saturation applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Chroma-keying (AND-OR) applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Chroma-keying (mult-add) applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Purple fringing reduction applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Red-eye reduction applet  webstart  print 
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