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The applets in this chapter demonstrate the simulation of the Femtojava processor studied by Prof. Ricardo Ferreira and his group from the Universidade Federal de Vicosa (Brazil). The Sashimi FPGA-design tools from the Universidade Federal do Rio Grando do Sul were used to develop the processor and its workloads.

Femtojava provides a testbed for evaluating microcontrollers on typical embedded systems workloads, with an emphasis on dynamic power-estimation and low-power design. Programs for Femtojava are written in a subset of Java, compiled to bytecode, and then executed on the processor. For details about the software development process with references to papers, presentations, and tutorials, see the applet pages below.

Several different implementations of the Femtojava architecture have been studied, ranging from a straightforward microprogrammed multi-cycle implementation to a pipelined processor with custom hardware accelerators.

Further reading:

(Note: for copyright reasons, we can only provide a few presentation slides here. Please see the applet pages for references to the full papers with additional details.)

The following applets demonstrate three variants of Femtojava:

  • the abstract behavioral model.
  • the basic multi-cycle microprogrammed implementation.
  • the pipelined implementation (synthesized via Sashimi).

 spacer  Femtojava processor: adder  applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor: factorial  applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor: interactive calculator applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor structure (multicycle) applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor: bubblesort demo applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor: insertion-sort applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor: quicksort demo applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Femtojava processor structure with pipeline. applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Quicksort demo on the pipelined Femtojava processor applet  webstart  print 
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