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The applets in this chapter use custom animated simulation components to demonstrate and visualize the behaviour of state-machines. The applets were developed by Prof. Ricardo Ferreira and his students from the Universidade Federal de Vicosa (Brazil).

Note: The animated simulation components use their own user-interface and windows. If necessary, use the Hades popup-menu (select edit) to open the window for the animated components.

On Windows systems, you might have to move and resize your browser window and the optional animation and state-machine editor windows, in order to find a suitable layout for your screen resolution.

 spacer  Animated farm-road traffic light applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Animated 2 Floor Elevator  applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Animated Elevator (2 of 5 floors) applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Animated 5 Floor Elevator  applet  webstart  print 
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