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The applets in this chapter demonstrate the Intel MCS4 system ("Microcomputer System 4-bit"), the first single-chip microprocessor system in history. Despite the complicated memory architecture with separate program- and data-memories, and despite the somewhat incomplete instruction set, the processor and system architecture provide a very interesting engineering solution. While the MCS4 was soon replaced by much better 8-bit systems, it still paved the way for the microprocessor revolution. The first applet page includes an overview of the architecture and external links to MCS4 documentation, datasheets, and trivia.

 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) Overview applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) binary addition applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) BCD addition applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) binary subtraction applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) BCD subtraction applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) addition with RAM applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) subtraction with RAM applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) increment in a loop applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) increment on TEST-signal applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) calculator applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  i4003 serial-in parallel-out shift-register applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 I/O ports applet  webstart  print 
 spacer  Intel MCS4 (i4004) Counter with Multiplexed Display applet  webstart  print 
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