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This page summarizes how to provide feedback about Hades in general and the applet demos in particular. As a rule, software developers are happy to hear feedback about their software!

How do I provide feedback?

Please send your suggestions and bug-reports to the following mail address (as usual these days, slightly garbled to avoid spam bots):
hendrich -at- informatik dot uni-hamburg dot de

If you have difficulties to re-assemble the mail address, or have waited for too long without a reply, you can also try to contact us via telephone: +49 40 42883 2430

Bug and status reports

Please don't hesitate to report bugs! We can only try to fix things that we know are broken... Please include the following information in your bug reports:
  • Summary of the bug (e.g.: glow-mode doesn't work)
  • reference to the design/circuit in question (e.g.: gate-level demos, ASCII decoder)
  • Detailed description of the bug
  • Hades version used (e.g.: current applet version)
  • operating system (e.g.: SuSE Linux 9.3 professional)
  • Java virtual machine used (e.g.: JDK 1.4.2_08)
  • browser (e.g. Mozilla 1.7.8)
  • language settings (e.g.: German, locale de_DE@euro)
  • any additional information (e.g.: bug only occurs on multiprocessor machine)

I want to submit my own example circuit!

Please do! Just use the mail address given above. When submitting a new entry for our applet pages, please include the following:
  • meta information. We need the full title, a short-title for the table of contents, the string that should appear in the banner image, and (optionally) the chapter information.
  • author information, including copyright and licensing terms.
  • the .hds design file(s), including all referenced files like subdesign .hds design and .sym symbol files, .png images, or .fig figures.
  • a .html file to be used as a short description; this should include links to your site and further information.
If possible, put all files for one example into its own subdirectory; the default setup uses a two-level directory structure organized as chapter/one-example/individual-files. If possible, send all files for one example as a mail attachment in Zip-archive or tgz-archive file format.

Also, please don't hesitate to send us revisions of our own original examples!


If you have time to spare, here is a short wishlist of things that would make nice additions to our applet collection:
  • asynchronous logic demos, e.g. two-rail logic gates and arithmetic, completion detection, etc.
  • programmable logic demos, especially lookup-table SRAM architectures (Xilinx/Altera-Flex). Demos showing the FPGA routing used by the several different FPGA/ELPD families would also be cool.
  • More image processing operators and image processing demos. Even if the current implementation based on hades.models.imaging.ImageSignal is bloated, these demos tend to be eye-catchers.
  • I2C-bus or CAN-bus simulation models and demos.
  • Additional examples (and documentation) for the MicroJava applet. Note that the current microcode is far from complete, and we only have one class-file demo.
  • Your own microcontroller-based applications.
  • ...
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