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This page lists external projects and websites that use Hades or provide Hades simulation components, examples, and documentation. Please don't hesitate to tell us about your own projects or teaching materials based on Hades!

  • Technische Informatik Online, the companion website (in German) for the book series Technische Informatik by authors W. Schiffmann and R. Schmitz.

    You can download a zip-archive file with ready-to-run Hades designs for many of the circuits discussed and explained in the book, including the 4-bit 'MiniCPU' microprocessor.

  • RaVi. The RaVi project website provides a set of interactive training components for the teaching of computer architecture, implemented as Hades simulation components and example designs. The examples include a visualization of a microcoded MIPS-processor, the typical 5-stage RISC pipeline, a score-boarding demonstration, and a demonstration of the MESI cache-coherence protocol.

  • Introdução a Microcontroladores. An introductory course about microcontrollers developed at the Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil. They built their own simulation model of the PIC16F628 on top of the PIC16F84 included in the Hades component library.

  • Please submit your own websites or links!

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