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This page is a loose collection of news about the Hades framework. Please submit your entries!

  • 29.12.2018 As Java Webstart has now officially been deprecated by Oracle, and applets are almost universally blocked, running the demos may be a bit of trouble these days. The webstart page has some tips.

    Downloading the software and running locally on your system should still work, of course.

  • 22.12.2015 Java webstart should work again... (of course, you still need to accept running the app despite the self-signed signature). As it turned out, recent versions of the JDK didn't like the fact that our webserver defaults to https: protocol for all content, while the .jnlp files still referenced the JAR archive via plain http: URLs.

  • 01.01.2015 First prototype of Hades Android running (but not released yet).

  • 11.01.2007 Added two new variants of the relay toggle flipflop, both of which are supposed to actually work with relays. The previous demo is still online, but one user reported that the circuit has hazard-errors and can malfunction depending on the switching speed of the relays.

  • 30.11.2006 First ready-to-run D*CORE webdemo: Sieve of Eratosthenes. This includes the microcode and a simple assembly program that calculates a few prime numbers.

  • 17.11.2006 Several minor fixes: correct broken links due to our webserver restructuring; applets now include the help files for the waveform-viewer (styx); add missing screenshots in the Femtojava (pipelined) demos; update the MIPS R3000 demos.

  • 03.11.2006 First applets showing the new TinyMips simulation model, a simple MIPS-I (R2000/R3000) compatible 32-bit microprocessor. Together with the corresponding memory (with byte-enable signals), a complete and typical 32-bit microcontroller system can be built and simulated. This also lets you demonstrate the typical embedded systems software development with a crosscompiler. Documentation still incomplete, though.

  • 25.10.2006 New simulation model of the 8251 UART (USART) and several applet demos for it. See the USART 8251 applets.

  • 13.10.2006 Back online; sorry for the downtime! Our servers were ok, but the whole informatics department got disconnected from the internet for almost tree days due to a damage glass-fibre.

  • 30.05.2006 Uploaded a revised version of the Hades tutorial.

  • 12.04.2006 Uploaded a first set of applet demos using the MIPS-3000 processor.

  • 04.01.2006 Several new cosimulation applets based on the PIC16F84 and PIC16F628 microcontrollers.

  • 21.03.2006 Added a set of 'Femtojava' processor architecture and cosimulation demos (provided by Prof. Ferreira from UFRGS, Brazil).

  • 16.11.2005 Added the 'news' and 'links' pages to the website.

  • 10.11.2005 Several new state-machine demonstrations in the applet collection, starting with a simple binary counter.

  • 03.11.2005 Added the thumbnails visual-index to the applet collection.

  • 15.09.2005 Switch-level simulation support in the simulation kernel via class hades.signals.SignalStdLogicSwitched. This allows simulating relays and transmission-gate circuits. Please check out the new interactive relay demonstration applets.

  • 22.07.2005 Finally uploaded the redesigned and long-overdue new website. Our applet-collection is now online!

Impressum http://tams.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/applets/hades/webdemos/news.html