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About Hades

Hades is a framework for object-oriented event-based simulation. The initial version was written in 1997 as a platform-independent tool for digital systems simulation, and has since been used for our undergraduate courses. Several user-interface concepts including interactive simulation and glow-mode are inspired by the DigLog simulator from Berkeley University. Please visit the Hades homepage for detailed information about Hades.

All software, documentation, and demonstration applets are
© 1997-2006 by

Norman Hendrich
University of Hamburg
Computer Science Department
Vogt-Kölln-Str. 30
D-22527 Hamburg

The Hades team:

The following staff and students from out department have contributed software, documentation, and design examples to the Hades project:
  • Johannes Bitterling (B-tutorial example circuits)
  • Manfred Grove (example circuits, T3-course)
  • Norman Hendrich (framework, simulator, editor, simulation models)
  • Lars Larsson (B-tutorial example circuits)

  • Marcus Carl (waveform viewer)
  • Ullrich Dallmann (design-browser, state-machine editor)
  • Karola Krönert (design-browser, state-machine editor)
  • Matthias Meyer (Jython scripting, simulation models)
  • Class Rink (PIC16C84 and MIPS R3051 microprocessor models)
  • Andreas Ruge (i4004 simulation models)
  • Andrej Walczak (MicroJava demonstration applet)

Impressum http://tams.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/applets/hades/webdemos/about.html