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Hades downloads:

This page lists all Hades-related downloads, including the simulator software, documentation, and example circuits.

Most of the files are archives in JAR-format (extension '.jar') or compressed Zip-format (extension '.zip'). Please make sure to download all archive files in binary transfer mode; in most browsers including Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer use a right-button-click to bring up the browser context menu, then select 'save link target as' (or equivalent).

Note that you should never unpack the JAR-archive files. To unpack the standard Zip-archives, use your favorite Zip-format packer like pkzip, WinZip, or the jar command-line tool from your Java runtime. Please try a recent version of your packer program if you get errors like zero-length files or directories that cannot be read, etc.

Software and documentation

  • Hades software archive (JAR-format). The 'hades.jar' archive contains the current version of the Hades class files and resources, based on the Java Swing GUI library. It includes the schematics editor, simulator, waveform-viewer, scripting-shell, and all simulation models.

    If your operating system and Java virtual machine support this, just double-click the hades.jar file after downloading to start the Hades editor. Otherwise open a shell and type java -jar hades.jar to start the editor.

  • Hades software archive (old AWT-based version, Zip-format). Download this version of the simulator on older Java virtual machines like JDK 1.1.8 or the Microsoft VM. See the README file inside the Zip-archive for installation and setup instructions.

  • HADES design examples. A Zip-archive file with several low-to-medium complexity design examples.

  • TinyMips sources. A Zip-format archive file with the sourcecode of the TinyMips microprocessor(s) and support files.

  • HADES tutorial. A tutorial about Hades in PDF-format; explains installation and editor usage.

  • HADES Kurzreferenzkarte. A two page summary of the simulator and GUI (PDF format, in German).

  • HADES class documentation. A Zip-archive file with the javadoc-generated class documentation for the HADES editor, simulator, simulation models, and the jfig graphics editor.

External links

  • visit the Jython homepage for information about the Jython scripting language and related downloads. The Hades scripting console requires a pre-installed Jython interpreter.

  • visit the Javasoft homepage for information about the Java development kit or Java runtime environments for your system.

Impressum http://tams.informatik.uni-hamburg.de/applets/hades/webdemos/download.html