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Circuit Description

The WaitIntervals block to generate control signals for the decoder state-machine. It takes a six-bit binary input value and calculates three output signals:

  • is_14_to_16 is high if the input value is between 14 and 16;
  • is_34_to_36 is high if the input value is between 34 and 36;
  • larget_than_36 is enabled if the input value is greater than 36.
Given the decoder state-machine clock of 20 Hz, these values correspond to actual times of 0.7..0.8 seconds, 1.7..1.8 seconds, and more than 1.8 seconds. There values are used by the decoder state-machine whether the wait interval between detected clock-impulse was one second (normal pulse), two seconds (minute start), or a timeout (no signal).

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