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Using the zoom commands

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Circuit Description

This applet is just a placeholder to demonstrate the zoom command of the Hades editor and viewer. Most of the commands are accessible via the view menu in the editor menu bar or the zoom sub-menu in the editor or viewer popup menu. A few important commands can also be activated via keyboard shortcuts.

The following list explains the most important commands:

  • The zoom fit command tries to fit the current schematics to the visible window size. This command is usually the best way to get an overview of the current simulation setup. Often, the editor will also be configured to automatically execute a zoom fit operation after loading a new design.
  • The zoom in and zoom out commands multiply the current magnification with the specified factor.
  • The zoom region command allows to zoom into a user-specified area in the current schematics. After selecting this command, the editor expects you to click on two opposite corners of the region you want to zoom into. Press the ESCAPE key to cancel the command.
  • The zoom 1:1 command restores the magnification to 100% and moves the origin of the schematics to the position (0,0).
  • Use the scrollbars or the cursor keys to pan in the current schematic at constant zoom factor. Depending on the complexity of the schematic, the editor's reaction to dragging the scrollbars thumbs may be slow.

Most of the zoom commands can also be executed directly via the following bindkeys or shortcut keys. Naturally, the editor must have the keyboard focus for this to work. Use a single left-button mouse click on an empty place in the schematics editor to transfer the keyboard focus to the Hades editor. If the editor still does not react to shortcut keys, check the status panel or the message console for possible error messages - the editor might be expecting some user input to complete an on-going operation. Finally, note that the bindkeys are compiled into the Hades software, and cannot be re-configured:

Hades Editor (viewer) shortcut keys:

'f'              zoom fit
'F'              zoom 1:1  (pans to origin, sets magnification to 100%)
'cntl-1'         zoom 1:1 

'z'              zoom out, factor 0.9
'Z'              zoom in,  factor 1.1

'g'              toggle glow mode for all signals
'h'              toggle glow mode for one signal (at the mouse position)

'cntl-g'         show the grid 
'cntl-t'         hide the grid 

'cntl-2'         set magnetic grid to 1/2 inch spacing
'cntl-4'         set magnetic grid to 1/4 inch spacing
'cntl-8'         set magnetic grid to 1/8 inch spacing 
'cntl-6'         set magnetic grid to 1/16 inch spacing 
'cntl-0'         disable magnetic grid (not recommended)

cursor keys:       pan left/right/top/bottom
shift+cursor keys: pan left/right/top/bottom more

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