Package jfig.commands

Interface Summary
FigBasicEditor what a jfig graphics editor has to do.

Class Summary
AlignObjectsCommand align a FIG object inside a compound object.
BreakCompoundCommand break a FIG compound into its parts.
Command the empty, do-nothing, jfig editing command.
ConvertObjectCommand convert object type but keep coordintates.
CopyObjectCommand copy jfig objects.
CopyToClipboardCommand copy jfig objects to the system clipboard.
CreateArcCommand create a FIG 3-point circular arc.
CreateBezierCommand create an open Bezier-style spline.
CreateBulletCommand create an open or filled "bullet point" for a presentation slide.
CreateCircleCommand create a circle object.
CreateClosedBezierCommand create a closed Bezier-style spline.
CreateClosedSplineCommand create a closed cubic spline.
CreateCompoundCommand merge objects into a compound object.
CreateDimensioningCommand create a dimensioning annotation from two specified endpoints
CreateEllipseCommand create an ellipse object.
CreateFreehandCommand create an open freehand line via mouse dragging.
CreateImageCommand create an embedded image object.
CreatePolygonCommand create a polygon (closed polyline) with n points.
CreatePolylineCommand create an open polyline with n points (or a freehand drawn line).
CreateRectangleCommand create a rectangle object.
CreateRoundedRectangleCommand create a rectangle object with rounded corners.
CreateSplineCommand create an open cubic spline.
CreateTextCommand create FIG text objects.
CreateTriggerCommand create a jfig trigger (hyperlink) object.
CutPointCommand remove a control point from a polyline/spline.
CutToClipboardCommand cut jfig objects to the system clipboard.
DeleteObjectCommand delete one or multiple jfig objects.
EditCommentCommand edit FIG object comments.
EditObjectCommand edit FIG object attributes.
InsertPointCommand insert a new control point into a polyline/spline.
JCreateImageCommand command to create an embedded image object.
JEditObjectCommand edit FIG object attributes.
JoinSplitLinesCommand join or split polyline objects
JOpenCompoundCommand open a compound object for editing.
MirrorXCommand mirror an object along the x-axis.
MirrorYCommand mirror an object along the y-axis.
MoveObjectCommand move jfig objects.
MovePointCommand move control points on FIG objects.
OpenCompoundCommand open a compound object for editing.
PasteFromClipboardCommand read objects from the system clipboard.
ResizeTextCommand resize or modify a text object's attributes.
RotateObjectCommand A command object to manage object rotation for jfig.
ScaleObjectCommand scale a FIG object.
SelectLibraryObjectCommand browse FIG libraries and add selected objects to the current drawing
SnapToGridCommand align jfig objects to the editor grid.
UndoStack keep track of jfig editing commands for undo and redo.
UpdateCommand update jfig object attributes.
ZoomRegionCommand zoom into a user-specified region.