Package jfig.canvas

Interface Summary
FigCanvas an interface to define the basic operations required to draw FIG objects.
FigCanvasListener listener interface corresponding to FigCanvasEvent.
FigDrawable manage redraw of FIG objects on a FigCanvas.
FigDrawableEnumerator enumerate FigDrawable objects for redraw.
FullRedraw request a full redraw of all objects on a FigCanvas.
ObjectPainter request redraw of single FIG objects for animation.
SyncPainter request synchronized redraws of FIG objects for animation.
ZoomListener listener interface to handle zoom changes on a canvas

Class Summary
EditorCanvas drawing canvas for jfig.gui.ModularEditor, the jfig editor.
FigBasicCanvas basic object canvas to draw FIG objects.
FigCanvasEvent event class that includes world and screen coordinates.
FigCanvasRubberband manage rubberband redrawing on a FigCanvas.
FigSwingCanvas basic object canvas to draw FIG objects.
FigTrafo2D simple 2D transformation with translation and rotation.
PresentationViewerCanvas object canvas for the jfig presentation viewer.
TopLeftRulerCanvas object canvas with rulers on the top and left sides.
ViewerCanvas object canvas for the jfig viewer.
ViewerTrafo simple subclass of FigTrafo2D with additional zoom optnions.