Class FigNormalXSpline

  extended byjfig.objects.FigPolyline
      extended byjfig.objects.FigXSpline
          extended byjfig.objects.FigNormalXSpline
All Implemented Interfaces:
FigDrawable, FigObject

public class FigNormalXSpline
extends FigXSpline

a simple subclass of the generic FigXSpline which forces the control point scalefactors to values [0,1,1,...1,0] (open spline) or [1,1,...,1] (closed spline). Given the X-spline algorithm, this means that the spline will not pass through the control points.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jfig.objects.FigXSpline
sfactors, wcp_spline
Fields inherited from class jfig.objects.FigPolyline
attribs, bbox, comment, debug, is_closed, min_i, min_num_points, painter, renderer, selected, showPoints, syncRedrawFlag, trafo, visible, wcp
Constructor Summary
FigNormalXSpline(int x0, int y0, boolean is_closed, FigAttribs attribs, FigTrafo2D trafo)
FigNormalXSpline(int x0, int y0, FigAttribs attribs, FigTrafo2D trafo)
Method Summary
 FigObject copy()
          build a copy of this FigXSpline.
 void createSfactors()
          default method to create the interpolation control sfactors.
Methods inherited from class jfig.objects.FigXSpline
createRenderer, dumpSfactors, dumpXsplinePoints, getSFactors, getSplinePoints, rebuild, setSFactors, toString
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appendPoint, calc_dist, canRotate, deletePoint, deselect, get_min_dist_index, get_sc_bbox, getAttributes, getBbox, getComment, getLayer, getMinDistPoint1, getMinDistPoint2, getMinPerpendicularDistance, getMinPerpendicularDistance, getMovePointNeighbors, getNearestPoint, getNeighborPoints, getObjectPainter, getPoints, getPosition, getSegmentDistance, getSyncRedrawFlag, getText, getTrafo, indexOfNearestNeighbor, initialize, insertPoint, isClosed, isSelected, isShowPoints, isVisible, isVisible, keyPressed, manhattan, message, minDistance, minDistanceEuclid, mirrorX, mirrorY, move, movePoint, nearerPoint, numPoints, paint, paint, paintSave, printCost, reset_debug, rotate, scale, select, set_debug, setArrowMode, setAttributes, setBackwardArrow, setComment, setFillColor, setFillStyle, setForwardArrow, setIsClosed, setLayer, setLineColor, setLineStyle, setLineWidth, setObjectPainter, setPoints, setSyncRedrawFlag, setText, setTrafo, setVisible, showPoints, supportsPointOps, update_bbox, update, updateAttributes, writeAsResource
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Constructor Detail


public FigNormalXSpline(int x0,
                        int y0,
                        FigAttribs attribs,
                        FigTrafo2D trafo)


public FigNormalXSpline(int x0,
                        int y0,
                        boolean is_closed,
                        FigAttribs attribs,
                        FigTrafo2D trafo)
Method Detail


public void createSfactors()
Description copied from class: FigXSpline
default method to create the interpolation control sfactors. We use 1.0 (approximated) everywhere except for the end points.

createSfactors in class FigXSpline


public FigObject copy()
Description copied from class: FigXSpline
build a copy of this FigXSpline.

Specified by:
copy in interface FigObject
copy in class FigXSpline