Package hades.models.pic

Interface Summary
Advanceable Both BitSignalElement and WordSignalElement provide advance() to use them in the same context.
PicMemory PicEprom, PicRegBank and PicStack are all accessable with PicMemory, this gives advantages in displaying each with the same gui-element.
PicReg PicReg - interface for a register, Pic*Reg implement this interface.

Class Summary
BitSignalElement BitSignalElement is the SignalElement-class for booleans
DownListener The "Down"-Button increments the start-address
FastPic16F84 A HADES simulation model for the Arizona Microchip PIC16x84 microcontroller.
ListListener A mouse-click in the list selects one line and puts it into the textfield.
MemoryDisassemblerView Display both raw memory data and PIC16x8x disassembled code.
MemoryView List the memory with the possibility to change its content
MemTextListener If the action-event attached to the textfield occurs the text will be parsed and written to the represented memory.
Pic16C84 Handle all hades-events.
Pic16C84Debug Handle all hades-events.
PicAlu PicAlu - The ALU implemented in Microchip-microcontrollers
PicAssembler A simple assembler for the Arizona Microchip PIC16CXX family of 8-bit microcontrollers.
PicBitReg PicBitReg - Register to store one Bit (like flip-flop)
PicBreakPoint PicBreakPoint - handle breakpoints
PicByteReg PicByteReg - PicWordReg limited to eight bits
PicCalc Perfom one calculation, this is defined to do both register and literal calculations with different opcodes for equal instructions
PicCalcADDWF ADDWF-Operation
PicCalcANDWF ANDWF-Operation
PicCalcCLR CLR-Operation
PicCalcCOMF COMF-Operation
PicCalcDECF DECF-Operation
PicCalcDECFSZ DECFSZ-Operation
PicCalcINCF INCF-Operation
PicCalcINCFSZ INCFSZ-Operation
PicCalcIORWF IORWF-Operation
PicCalcMOVF MOVF-Operation
PicCalcMOVWF MOVWF-Operation
PicCalcNOP NOP-Operation
PicCalcRLF RLF-Operation
PicCalcRRF RRF-Operation
PicCalcSUBWF SUBWF-Operation
PicCalcSWAPF SWAPF-Operation
PicCalcXORWF XORWF-Operation
PicClocking PicClocking - All four clocks a generated
PicDecode PicDecode - Decode instruction.
PicEecon1Reg PicEecon1Reg - Control the data eeprom operations
PicEeprom PicEeprom - The Eeprom-data-memory implemented in Microchip-microcontrollers
PicEprom PicEprom - The Eprom implemented in Microchip-microcontrollers
PicEpromBreakPoints PicEpromBreakPoints - 8192 breakpoint-conditions for PicRegBank
PicExec PicExec - the execution unit used in the PIC16C84.
PicIndfReg PicIndfReg - Register for indirect addressing, if indf itself is addressed indirect then a shadow-register will be used to prevent recursive dead - actually this shadow-register is not a real register, it is implemented as a PicNoReg with no functionality
PicIntConReg PicIntConReg - Interrupt control register
PicNoReg PicNoReg - No register, to implement memory-addresses with no ram behind it
PicPcReg PicPcReg - Register for the programm counter.
PicPortReg PicPortReg - The port-register can be changed from external instances if the tris-register allows that.
PicRegBank PicRegBank - 512 8-bit-registers, organized in 4 banks including all special registers.
PicRegBankBreakPoints PicRegBankBreakPoints - 512 breakpoint-conditions for PicRegBank
PicStack PicStack - Hardware stack for Call/Return.
PicTimerReg PicTimerReg - Timer with prescaler and different sources
PicWdt PicWdt - Watchdog Timer
PicWordReg PicWordReg - Combine some PicBitRegs.
ShowDisassemblerCanvas Show a list of disassembled instructions, start address depending on a scrollbarbar
ShowPic2 ShowPic2 - Show a frame containing the PIC16C84-microcontroller with all its states
ShowSignals ShowSignals will draw the impulse-diagram and the history of the added PicBitRegs and PicRegs.
SignalElement SignalElement is able to store a signals history
SmartPic16F84 A HADES simulation model for the Arizona Microchip PIC16x84 microcontroller.
TestPic TestPic - Text-based methods to simulate the PICmicro-microcontroller
TurboPicGUI TurboPicGUI - visualize the state of the TurboPicCore model of the Arizona Microchip PIC16C84 microcontroller
UpListener If the "Up"-Button is pressed, the start-address will be decremented
WordButton Provide a Button with an attached value representing one register.
WordSignalElement WordSignalElement is the SignalElement-class for integers
WordTextListener Handle events from WordButtons