Class PicRegBank16F84

  extended byhades.models.pic.PicRegBank
      extended byhades.models.pic.PicRegBank16F84
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class PicRegBank16F84
extends PicRegBank

Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
PicRegBank16F84(PicBreakPoint bp, PicEpromBreakPoints epromBreakPoints)
Method Summary
 void buildGeneralPurposeRegisters(PicBreakPoint bp)
          create and initialize the 68 (36+32) GP registers of the PIC16F84
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Constructor Detail


public PicRegBank16F84(PicBreakPoint bp,
                       PicEpromBreakPoints epromBreakPoints)
Method Detail


public void buildGeneralPurposeRegisters(PicBreakPoint bp)
create and initialize the 68 (36+32) GP registers of the PIC16F84

buildGeneralPurposeRegisters in class PicRegBank