Fachbereich Informatik

Educational Robots

Figure 1: AIBO robots for undergrade teaching.

ActivMedia Pioneer
Figure 2: Pioneer robots for graduate projects.

The group TAMS owns two Sony AIBO robots and three ActivMedia Pioneer robots.

The AIBO robots are used in practical cources for undergraduate students. Besides learning team work the objectives of the cources are an introduction to programming in the context of robotics and a basic understanding of robot control and robot kinematics. We experience a higher motivation of the students when working with real hardware compared to software only projects.

The AIBO robots were also used in research projects within the E-Learning Consortium Hamburg.

The Pioneer 1 and the two Pioneer 2 robots are used in graduate projects, master and diploma theses. The students mainly work on localisation, navigation and map building problems. We advertise new theses regularily and publish completed theses on our website. The robots are controled via laptop computers and wireless connections. They can be equipped with simple grippers, cameras and other sensors.