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In a broader sense, robots can be viewed as a kind of new media. Just as the text in newspapers is used to transport and to impart information, or as television or the multimedial internet extend our ability to see and to hear, robots can also increase the range and the mobility of our actions. Robots as carriers of a remote presence enable an embodied physical interaction. The technical implementation of the partial results of research makes considerable sense, like in interfaces for personal robots, medical applications and the development of machines with a hig MIQ. These applications certainly constitute some of the most important topics for Advanced IT in the coming decade.

TASER, the multimodal service robot. The two HOAP-2 humanoid robots of the TAMS institute.
Service Robot TASER TAMS Humanoid Robots

Figure 1: Service and Humanoid Robots of the Institute TAMS.

The main concern of our insitute's research work is to examine the interaction of different modalities of sensory and cognitive systems like vision, writing, hearing, talking, touching/feeling or grasping. The interaction between people and technical information systems and communication systems is directly related to mulitmodality. One main focus of our work therefore is on applications in intelligent service robotics.

Skycleaner IV Climbing Robot Gecko
Skycleaner IV Gecko

Figure 2: Climbing robots for cleaning and inspection tasks.

Service robot platforms will very probably become increasingly important in the future. Such intelligent systems with sensory, actuatory and communicative skills can therefore on the one hand be used for research into practical problems of multimodal information processing as well as for a theoretically and methodically well-founded analysis of the complexity of these problems.

reconfigurable Robot GZ-Robot

Figure 3: Reconfigurable Robots.

At the institute TAMS we have several different robots which can be seen in the figures 1-4. With these platforms we evaluate different aspects of multimodal service robotics. Additionally, the robots are used in lectures and student projects.

telerobot Sony's AIBO robots ActiveMedia Pioneer Robots
Telerobot Sony AIBO ActivMedia Pioneer

Figure 4: Educational Robots used in e-Learning projects and lectures.