Fachbereich Informatik

Diploma Thesis

"Basic principles and methodology of 3D-reconstruction and its application to landmark-based self-localisation of humanoid robots"

by Denis Klimentjew and Andre Stroh

In the field of autonomous robots, particulary in the domain of humanoid robots, stereo vision systems are still the most important interface between the robot and the outside world. The advantage of these systems lies in the possibility to perceive the environment and to specifically react to events. One of the biggest disadvantages of this approach lies in the loss of the depth information during image acquisition. If the depth can be reconstructed, stereo camera systems deliver enough data for the navigation of robots.

This thesis deals with the theoretical foundations and methods of dimensional recon- struction, particulary based on the data of a stereo vision system, with the purpose of determining the depth information. This enables us to assign an unequivocal po- sition in space to every object in the scene. Based on this, the guiding points will be detected and their relative position calculated in relation to the robot. Then we localise the robot on the basis of the available data, i.e., the absolute position of the guiding points in space.

Hamburg, Germany, January 2008


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