Class AntiDeadlock

  extended byjfig.utils.AntiDeadlock

public class AntiDeadlock
extends java.lang.Object

simple utility class to ease avoiding AWT deadlocks. This class provides the utility methods sleep() and yield() to allow easy access of the corresponding methods of java.lang.Thread, while at the same time informing the reader that an AWT deadlock is possible/probable near that part of the code which uses these calls.

In a perfect world, classes like this should not be necessary :-(

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void sleep(long millis)
          utility wrapper for Thread.sleep()
static void yield()
          utility wrapper for Thread.yield()
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Constructor Detail


public AntiDeadlock()
Method Detail


public static void sleep(long millis)
utility wrapper for Thread.sleep()


public static void yield()
utility wrapper for Thread.yield()