Class LoadBaseInstr

  extended byhades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
      extended byhades.models.mips.instr.LoadBaseInstr
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
LoadByteInstr, LoadByteUInstr, LoadHalfInstr, LoadHalfUInstr, LoadWordInstr, LoadWordLeftInstr, LoadWordRightInstr, LoadWordToCoInstr

public class LoadBaseInstr
extends BaseInstr
implements Resetable

This is the base class to all load operations

Field Summary
protected  AccessMemory mem
Fields inherited from class hades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
breakpoint, dataMmuAdr, dataRealAdr, dataValue, instrFrameNumber, instrLongFormat, instrName, instrShortFormat, isJump, partHandler, reg, regWritten, result, splitter
Constructor Summary
LoadBaseInstr(PartHandler newPartHandler, Splitter newSplitter)
Method Summary
 int translateDataAdr()
          MMU-Translation for data access, return virtual address
Methods inherited from class hades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
calcAlu, getBreakpoint, getInstrLongFormat, getInstrName, getInstrShortFormat, getIsJump, giveDataAdr, init, operateData, por, reset, setBreakpoint, setInstrFrameNumber, writeRegister
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Methods inherited from interface hades.models.mips.core.Resetable
por, reset

Field Detail


protected AccessMemory mem
Constructor Detail


public LoadBaseInstr(PartHandler newPartHandler,
                     Splitter newSplitter)
Method Detail


public int translateDataAdr()
Description copied from class: BaseInstr
MMU-Translation for data access, return virtual address

translateDataAdr in class BaseInstr