Class IllegalInstr

  extended byhades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
      extended byhades.models.mips.instr.IllegalInstr
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class IllegalInstr
extends BaseInstr
implements Resetable

Illegal does nothing (except printing a warning) and will be decoded for all instructions that can't be identified

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class hades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
breakpoint, dataMmuAdr, dataRealAdr, dataValue, instrFrameNumber, instrLongFormat, instrName, instrShortFormat, isJump, partHandler, reg, regWritten, result, splitter
Constructor Summary
IllegalInstr(PartHandler newPartHandler, Splitter newSplitter)
Method Summary
 int calcAlu()
          Calculate ALU, return result for visualization
Methods inherited from class hades.models.mips.instr.BaseInstr
getBreakpoint, getInstrLongFormat, getInstrName, getInstrShortFormat, getIsJump, giveDataAdr, init, operateData, por, reset, setBreakpoint, setInstrFrameNumber, translateDataAdr, writeRegister
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por, reset

Constructor Detail


public IllegalInstr(PartHandler newPartHandler,
                    Splitter newSplitter)
Method Detail


public int calcAlu()
Description copied from class: BaseInstr
Calculate ALU, return result for visualization

calcAlu in class BaseInstr