Package hades.models.mips.core

Interface Summary
Resetable All parts should implement por() and reset() to give way for implementing automatic reset handling

Class Summary
Copro0 Copro0 handles exceptions and some basic configuration
Coprocessor Skeleton for a coprocessor including registers and instruction execution logic
Core All core parts including pipeline, registers, execution unit and memory managing unit are implemented here
Decoder The decoder is able to identify an instruction and give back the right instruction object to the caller.
InstrFrame Execution unit, handles all pipeline stages and dispatches them to other units
PartHandler Store all important core objects in order to give all of them access to each other
Registers 35 Registers with 32 bits, accessable with the Memory interface.
ResetHandler Classes which implement the interface Resetable can be added to the ResetHandler.
Splitter Split one instruction word into parts for further use by the instruction execution unit