Package hades.models.mips.gui

Interface Summary
MemoryView There are different ways to display Memory objects all these must be conform with this MemoryView interface in order to allow it MemoryViewHandler to display more than one view per Memory and to keep them all consistent

Class Summary
BPCloseListener The "Close"-Button of the breakpoint frame will hide() the window
BreakPointFrame This class will show a new frame with some MemoryHexViews that can display the information for BreakPoints
BreakPointListener The "BP"-Button openes a window with breakpoint preferences
CycleListener do newMaxCycles half pipeline stages
DownListener The "Down"-Button increments the start-address
ListListener A mouse-click in the list selects one line and puts it into the textfield.
LoadMemListener ActionListener for a load-button in a MemoryView.
MemoryDisView This memory view is read only and is able to disassemble the contens of a memory
MemoryHexView List the memory with the possibility to change its content
MemoryViewHandler One memory can have more than one view.
MemTextListener If the action-event attached to the textfield occurs the text will be parsed and written to the represented memory.
SaveMemListener ActionListener for a save-button in a MemoryView
ShowDisBPFrame Frame to show and change breakpoint values
ShowDisFrame Frame to show and change breakpoint values
ShowDisList Show a list of disassembled instructions, start address depending on a scrollbar.
ShowDispatchList Build list of lines displaying the memory dispatcher
ShowMemConfigFrame Frame to show and change breakpoint values
ShowMips ShowMips - Show a frame containing the MIPS processor
ShowPipe Displays the execution units pipe stages and their most important data
TestMips TestMips - Text-based methods to simulate the Mips/IDT core
UpListener If the "Up"-Button is pressed, the start-address will be decremented