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A collection of several VHDL related technical reports and conference papers.

This section is obviously not complete. Please submit your papers!

Recursive and repetitive VHDL modelling Peter J. Ashenden: Recursive and repetitive VHDL modelling. Discusses recursive and iterative structure descriptions for both VHDL-87 and VHDL-93 (117K compressed Postscript).
The corresponding models are available here (53K ASCII).
BABEL machine W. Hans, J.J. Ruz, F. Sáenz, S. Winkler: A VHDL Specification of a Shared Memory Parallel Machine for Babel (60 pages, 128K compressed Postscript).
Femto-VHDL John Van Tassel: Femto-VHDL: The semantics of a subset of VHDL and its embedding in the HOL theorem-prover. (479K compressed Postscript tar, or individual chapters) PhD dissertation, University of Cambridge
VHDL quality checking The VLSI-group of the Universidad politecnica de Madrid has some papers about VHDL design flow and automatically checking the quality of VHDL code.
Verification Some papers about verification and model checking using VHDL tools: