Fachbereich Informatik

TASER integration of robotic demos

Bachelor/Master Thesis at group TAMS


TAMS Service-Robot (TASER) is a service robot at group TAMS since December 2003. It is a modificated version of the NEOBOTIX MP-L655. Since 2020, we are upgrading TASER to use state-of-the-art conponents. The robot system now features a mobile platform with differential drive and wheel encoders, two laser range finders, a Dell Optiplex 7060 desktop computer (modified to use a DC-DC power supplly, os is ubuntu 18.04), as well as one PA10-6C manipulator. Three finger robotic hands by Barrett Technologies Inc. are used as gripper for the arm. Furthermore a stereo head with a pan-tilt-unit and a Microsoft Kinect are attached. Currently, the hardware update is almost done, and we are looking for talented bachelor/master student to integrate a lot of robotic demos with TASER using code developed by our group or code that open sourced by other group. Including but not limit to: