Fachbereich Informatik


Robotics is one of the best ways to connect students with motivation to learn technology. The project deals with a kind of edutainment robotics system whose objective is to offer a chance to students of different levels to acquire knowledge about robotics. At the same time, this learning process will involve the students, as they can design and build their own mobile robot. Our efforts will concentrate on developing our own cheap educational robotic system in order to meet the requirements of flexibility, functionality, extensibility, easy handling, and low cost.

In our implementation, the "Mobile Robot" system for the course consists of the mechanical parts, the hardware and the software. The mechanical parts are based on the LEGO bricks and our own designed input and output bricks as the platform of the project. New designed hardware includes 4 driving DC motors and 9 sensor channels. Students can program using a graphical interface, simple C and Java language according to their knowledge. This new system is more flexible and suitable for students to understand all aspects of robotics technology.

Building a robot

  •   Tele-robot. (For more details, please go to... )