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We proposed a lightweight smart wall-climbing robot for rescue missions last year, which was developed as a flexible mobile platform carrying a CCD camera and other sensors. Firstly we designed a semi-autonomous climbing prototype with wheels and negative pressure, as shown in Fig. This prototype is only 300mm wide and 200mm long, the weight is 3kg including the battery.

  •  Climbing ability on walls of different materials such as glass, metal, plastic, tiles;
  •  Velocity of movement: about 100mm/s;
  •  Traveling between surfaces with a 0-90 degrees angle;
  •  The ability to cross obstacles (Height x Width =-5mm x 20mm )
  •  Gross weight: 3 Kg;
  •  Carrying tools and sensors;
  •  Few connection with the remote GUI.

  • Climbing Robot Gecko
    Climbing Gecko

  •   Smart climbing robot. (For more details, please go to...)