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64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Procedure Zoom meeting
Schedule Tuesdays, 16:15 - 17:45
URL Meeting-ID: 977 4708 0367 Please contact the organizer for the password in case you want to participate.
Organizer Jianwei Zhang


06.04. Preliminary Discussion and Planning
Speaker all

13.04. Adaptive gait planning for rehabilitation exoskeletons
Speaker Chaobin Zou
Slides Adaptive_Gait_Planning_for_Rehabilitation_Exoskeletons.pptx 47.7MB pptx

20.04. Introduction to Agile Robots AG / Robotic Assembly
Speaker Yunlei Shi
Slides Slides 7.0 Mi pdf

27.04. 3D Deep Learning based 6D Pose Estimation
Speaker Kaixin Bai
Slides Slides 64.0M pptx
AND Deep Learning-based Robotic Grasping with 3D Sensors
Speaker Lei Zhang
Slides Slides 4.0M pdf

04.05. Safe and Reactive Human-to-Robot Handover
Speaker Jianzhi Lyu
Slides Slides 1.4 Mi pdf

11.05. Learn to Manipulate Objects through Reinforcement Learning
Speaker Lin Cong
Slides Visual_pushing.pdf 3.5 MB pdf

18.05. Child Motor Development
Speaker Michael Görner
Slides Slides 27.0M pdf

25.05. Visual Perception and Intelligent Control of Table Tennis Robot System
Speaker Yunfeng Ji
Slides table_tennis_robot.pdf 2.3 M pdf

01.06. Learning 6D Object Pose from Point Clouds
Speaker Ge Gao
Slides Slides 1.0 Mi pdf

08.06. Multimodal Perception for Robotic Grasping and Pouring
Speaker Hongzhuo Liang
Slides Slides 11.0 Mi pdf

15.06. Human-inspired biomimetic control in robotics
Speaker Chao Zeng
Slides Slides 2 Mb pdf
AND Learning to Kick from Demonstration with Deep Reinforcement Learning
Speaker Timon Engelke
Slides Slides 17.0 Mb pdf

22.06. Deep Learning based Classification of Clothes using Point Clouds
Speaker Niklas Fiedler
Slides Slides pdf
AND Integration of Software Development Testing Practices in Robotics
Speaker Finn-Thorben Sell
Slides Slides 1.0 Mi pdf

29.06. A Dexterous Hand-Arm Teleoperation System based on Hand Pose Estimation and Active Vision
Speaker Shuang Li
Slides hand_arm_teleoperation.pdf 5.0 Mi pdf
AND Wearable tactile matrix sensors and multimodal motion tracking for learning dexterous manipulation from human demonstration
Speaker Philipp Ruppel
Slides 2020-06-29-ruppel.pdf

06.07. Classification on SAR Images
Speaker Di Zhang