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64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Procedure Zoom meeting
Schedule Tuesdays, 16:15 - 17:45
URL Meeting-ID: 977 4708 0367 Please contact the organizer for the password in case you want to participate.
Organizer Jianwei Zhang


21.04. Preliminary Discussion and Planning
Speaker all
21.04. Fun with an old robot: updated PA-10 demos
Speaker Norman Hendrich
Abstract Eighteen years ago, the Mitsubishi PA10 robot was one of the first ''lightweight'' industrial robots, and one of the first with open programming interface. In this talk, I will give an overview of my ROS drivers and several applications, including online motion-generation, force-control, and planned future work.
Slides Slides 26.0 M pdf

28.04. Introduction of Group Mechatronics Measurement and Testing, Research and Teaching
Speaker Lianchao Zhang
Slides Slides 4.0 M pdf

05.05. Application and Test System for Parallel Robot Mechanisms
Speaker Chunsheng Ma
Slides Slides 2.4 M pdf

12.05. Dynamic motion planning based on human motion prediction
Speaker Jianzhi Lyu

19.05. 6D Object-Pose Estimation with Point Cloud
Speaker Ge Gao
Slides Slides 2.6 M pdf

26.05. MoveIt Task Constructor - Introspectable Task Specification and Planning
Speaker Michael Görner
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02.06. Pentecost holidays

09.06. Master Thesis Report: Multimodal Learning for Physical Properties of Containers
Speaker Chuangchuang Zhou
Slides Slides 5.0 M pdf
AND Human Hand Pose Estimation
Speaker Jiaxi Jiang
Abstract Slides 4.6M pdf

16.06. Universal Teleoperation ROS Interface for Robotic Manipulators
Speaker Fabian Wieczorek
Abstract BSc colloquium
AND Neural Network based Particle Filter seeder
Speaker Massimo Innocentini
Abstract Independent Study
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23.06 Embedded Debug Interface for Robots
Speaker Robin Mirow
Abstract BSc colloquium
Slides Slides 1.0 M pdf
  Design of a modular active marker motion tracking system with Raspberry PIs
Speaker Teresa Lübeck
Abstract BSc colloquium

30.06. Creating Dynamic Stand-Up Motion for Bipedal Robots
Speaker Sebastian Stelter
Abstract BSc colloquium
Slides Slides 5.0 M pdf
AND Locating the source of a WLAN signal using multiple robots and Dec-POMDP planning
Speaker Tobias Krüger
Abstract BSc colloquium
Slides Slides 2.0 M pdf

07.07. Affordance-Aware Grasping and other recent works
Speaker Hongzhuo Liang
Slides Slides 4.0 M pdf
AND Automatische Fehlererkennung mit dem Dynamixel V2.0 Protokoll
Speaker Daniel Djahangir
Abstract BSc colloquium

14.07. A Hand-adaptive Robot Hand-Arm Teleoperation Systeme
Speaker Shuang Li
Abstract I analyze the problems of my previous vision-based teleopeartion systems and present the hardware preparation, the hand detection methods, and the robot demonstration of the hand tracking robot setup.
Slides Slides 18.5 M pdf