Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Raum F-334
Zeit Dienstag 16:15 - 17:45 Uhr
Veranstalter Jianwei Zhang


15.10. Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe

22.10. current research conclusion
Presenter Xinqiang Pan / Lijuan Chea n/ Chao Zeng
Folien Slides: Chao's slides 1.8 M pdf

29.10. current research spotlight
Presenter Lin Cong / Jianzhi Lyu / Qingdu Li
Folien Slides: Lyu.slides 0.3 M pdf

05.11. Motion Planning in Dynamic Environment
Presenter Jianzhi Lyu

12.11. Multimodal Object Analysis with Auditory and Tactile Sensing using Recurrent Neural Networks/
Motion Planning in Dynamic Environment
Presenter Yannick Jonetzko
Folien Slides: Slides 28.0 M pdf

19.11. IROS 2019 Highlights
Presenter Hongzhuo Liang
Folien Slides: Slides 29.6 M pdf

19.11. oral defense rehearsal /
Feature-Based Monte Carlo Localization in the RoboCup Humanoid Soccer League
Presenter Jinpeng Mi /
Judith Hartfill
Folien Slides: Slides 20.0 M pdf
Folien Slides: Slides10.5 M pdf

26.11. oral defense rehearsal
Presenter Zhen Deng

03.12. Action Analysis based on Recurrent Neural Network
Presenter Dan Liu
Folien Slides: Slides 8.0 M pdf

10.12. Development of an FPGA-based Actuator and Sensor Bus Controller for Robotics /
Development of a dynamic controlled motorized longboard
Presenter Tobias Klinke /
Mirko Hartung
Folien Slides: Slides Tobias Klinke 3.5 M pdf
Slides: Slides Mirko Hartung 31.0 M pdf

17.12. Deep-Learning and it's application on mechanic fault diagnosis
Presenter Xiao Dengyu

24.+31.12. Christmas Holiday

07.01. Bipedal Locomotion
Presenter Marc Bestmann
Folien Slides: Slides 3.0 M pdf

14.01. Oral defense rehearsal: "Integration of Conductive Materials and SMD-Components into the FDM Printing Process for Direct Embedding of Electronic Circuits"
Presenter Florens Wasserfall
Folien Slides: Slides 17.0 M pdf
Slides: Slides 67.0 M zip file including videos

21.01. Multimodal Teleoperation System for PR2 robot and Vision-based Teleoperation using cGAN /
Automated integration of screw nuts into 3D printing
Presenter Shuang Li /
Arne Büngener
Folien Slides: teleoperation 8.0 M pdf
Slides: Integration of screw nuts into 3D printing 6.0 M pdf

28.01. pushing, pouring
Presenter Lin Cong, Hongzhuo Liang
Folien Slides: pouring 3.0 M pdf
Slides: pushing 1.0 M pdf