Package hades.utils

Interface Summary
ContextToolTip get a position- and time-dependent tool-tip message.

Class Summary
AudioFileLoader Utility class to load audio file (.wav, .au, .rmf, .mid) asynchronously via the JDK1.2+ API based upon java.applet.Applet.newAudioClip().
AudioPlayer basic GUI and minimal functionality to load and play audio via the JDK1.2+ java.applet.Applet API.
DecimalFormat formatting utilities for long integer values.
DesignHierarchyNavigator DesignHierarchyNavigator - utility class to access SimObject and Signal objects efficiently via hierarchical names.
DidYouKnowFrame frame to display Windows-style "did you know" tips.
EndsWithFilter generic filename filter.
FigWriter export HADES circuits to FIG format and filter colors.
Flatten utility class to convert a hierarchical Design into a single flat Design.
GraphicalSelection keep track of selected objects.
HexFormat utilities to print long integers in HEX formats.
IntelHexFile parse and write Intel 'HEX' format programming files.
ISCAS89Converter simple utility class to convert ISCAS 89 benchmark circuit descriptions to Hades .hds and .sym format.
JviewJythonWrapper a simple utility class to access some java.lang classes from Jython/Jpython when running under Microsoft jview which fails to "from java.lang import Thread" etc.
LFSR32 a 32-bit linear feedback shift register based on the (31 3 0) polynom.
LFSRTest simple implementation and (self-) test of the LFSR implementation from Numerical Recipes.
MatlabAdapter MatlabAdapter provides a few utility methods that allow to integrate Hades into a Matlab environment.
MemoryDec2HexConverter command line utility to convert a Hades memory data file from decimal to hexdecimal number formatting.
MemoryMultiple2SingleConverter convert memory files with multiple data entries per line into files with just one addr:data pair per line, as required by most Hades memory models.
NameMangler construct valid names, i.e.
Parser parse HADES (.hds) circuit schematics.
Selection keep track of selected objects.
ShellSort sort double array A[] and permute array O[] on the fly.
SignalEnumerator depth-first hierarchical enumeration of signals.
StringTokenizer modified version of java.util.StringTokenizer with 'restOfLine' methods.
TestLoadAllDesigns test loading Hades design files to detect (trivial) errors.
TestStdLogicVectorOverflow simple test to efficiently generate the overflow signal when adding StdLogicVectors.
TimeFormatter utility to format double values.
ToolTipManager manage tool-tips on non-Swing GUI components.
ValidName construct valid names, i.e.