Interface TextSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
Counter.DecimalValueFormatter, Counter.TypeFormatter, Dcf77Sender.DateFormatter, Dcf77Sender.TimeFormatter, GenericRtlibObject.BinaryValueLabelFormatter, GenericRtlibObject.DecimalValueLabelFormatter, GenericRtlibObject.FlexibleLabelFormatter, GenericRtlibObject.HexValueLabelFormatter

public interface TextSource

TextSource: trivial interface to be used for deferred (on-demand) text queries.

The principal use in HADES is to reduce the enormous overhead of setText() operations on animated SimObject Labels. For example, in a typical RTLIB simulation, the values of registers and ouput pins are constructed, formatted, and set many times before the next repaint occurs. By registering a TextSource with Labels, the Label will not perform text construction and formatting, unless it is actually repainted, resulting in much better performance and memory efficiency.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getText()
          get the current value of the text from this TextSource

Method Detail


public java.lang.String getText()
get the current value of the text from this TextSource