Class BusPortSymbol

  extended byjfig.objects.FigBaseobject
      extended byjfig.objects.FigRectangle
          extended byhades.symbols.PortSymbol
              extended byhades.symbols.BusPortSymbol
All Implemented Interfaces:
FigDrawable, FigObject, java.io.Serializable

public class BusPortSymbol
extends PortSymbol
implements java.io.Serializable

BusPortSymbol: display StdLogicVector ports on SimObject symbols.

This class is realized as a subclass of FigRectangle with specific attributes: layer 10, color magenta, centered around its position, fixed size 100/2400 inch

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
protected static int size
Fields inherited from class hades.symbols.PortSymbol
name, pos
Fields inherited from class jfig.objects.FigRectangle
pixel_width, radius, renderer, use_rounded_corners
Fields inherited from class jfig.objects.FigBaseobject
attribs, bbox, comment, debug, painter, printer, sc_bbox, sc_bbox_timestamp, selected, showPoints, syncRedrawFlag, timestamp, trafo, visible, x, y
Constructor Summary
          the default constructor: a BusPortSymbol located at the origin (0,0)
Method Summary
protected  void build_attribs()
 FigObject copy()
          make a copy of this object and return the reference to the copy.
 java.lang.String toString()
          toString() - the usual info method
Methods inherited from class hades.symbols.PortSymbol
getName, getPosition, getSize, initialize, mirrorX, mirrorY, move, setName, setSize, writeAsResource
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appendPoint, canRotate, createRenderer, deletePoint, getMovePointNeighbors, getNearestPoint, getNeighborPoints, getPoints, insertPoint, isClosed, isRounded, minDistance, minDistanceEuclid, movePoint, paint, paint, paintSave, rebuild, setAttributes, setFillColor, setFillStyle, setLayer, setLineColor, setLineStyle, setLineWidth, setPoints, supportsPointOps, update
Methods inherited from class jfig.objects.FigBaseobject
build_sc_bbox, clonePoints, deselect, get_sc_bbox, getAttributes, getBbox, getComment, getLayer, getSyncRedrawFlag, getText, getTimestamp, getTrafo, isSelected, isShowPoints, isVisible, isVisible, keyPressed, manhattan, message, numPoints, reset_debug, rotate, scale, select, set_debug, setComment, setConsole, setObjectPainter, setSyncRedrawFlag, setText, setTrafo, setVisible, showPoints, updateAttributes
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Field Detail


protected static int size
Constructor Detail


public BusPortSymbol()
the default constructor: a BusPortSymbol located at the origin (0,0)

Method Detail


protected void build_attribs()
build_attribs in class PortSymbol


public FigObject copy()
Description copied from class: FigRectangle
make a copy of this object and return the reference to the copy.

Specified by:
copy in interface FigObject
copy in class PortSymbol


public java.lang.String toString()
toString() - the usual info method

Specified by:
toString in interface FigObject
toString in class PortSymbol