Package hades.styx

Class Summary
NameCanvas NameCanvas: the left part of the WaveformViewer GUI, showing the signal names corresponding to the waveforms.
TimeFormatter TimeFormatter - format a double representing a simulation time as 'xxxxx.uuu,vvv,www,zzz' for better readability.
WaveCanvas WaveCanvas provides the actual GUI to draw waveform data.
Waveform Waveform: the base class to represent waveform data in the Hades waveform viewer.
WaveformViewer WaveformViewer: the Hades waveform viewer.
WaveInteger WaveInteger: waveform data for an integer-values Hades signal.
WaveStdLogic1164 WaveStdLogic1164: store and manage waveform data for a Hades signal of type SignalStdLogic1164.
WaveStdLogicVector WaveStdLogicVector: a subclass of Waveform to manage and display hades.models.StdLogicVector data with support for bin/dec/hex number formatting.
WaveString WaveString: manage waveform data for a String-valued Hades signal.
Xscroller Xscroller: the X-Scrollbar of Wavecanvas
Yscroller Yscroller: the Y-Scrollbar for Wavecanvas