Class SevenSegmentMultiplexed.DynSymbol

  extended byjfig.objects.FigBaseobject
      extended byjfig.objects.FigCompound
          extended byhades.symbols.Symbol
              extended byhades.models.io.SevenSegmentMultiplexed.DynSymbol
All Implemented Interfaces:
FigDrawable, FigObject, java.io.Serializable
Enclosing class:

class SevenSegmentMultiplexed.DynSymbol
extends Symbol

Field Summary
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attribs, bbox, comment, painter, printer, sc_bbox, sc_bbox_timestamp, selected, showPoints, syncRedrawFlag, timestamp, trafo, visible, x, y
Constructor Summary
(package private) SevenSegmentMultiplexed.DynSymbol()
Method Summary
 void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
          paint(): Again, we just call paint() for each member of this component.
Methods inherited from class hades.symbols.Symbol
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Constructor Detail


Method Detail


public void paint(java.awt.Graphics g)
Description copied from class: FigCompound
paint(): Again, we just call paint() for each member of this component.

Note that this method() may be very inefficient, because all members of the component are paint()ed, whether they are visible or not. Typically you should call the improved variant paint( Graphics, FigBbox bbox ) below.

Specified by:
paint in interface FigObject
paint in class FigCompound