Class ImageSignal

  extended byhades.signals.Signal
      extended byhades.models.imaging.ImageSignal
All Implemented Interfaces:
ColorSource, ContextToolTip, java.io.Serializable, Simulatable

public class ImageSignal
extends Signal

ImageSignal - a class that models an Signal that distributes Images

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class hades.signals.Signal
debug, design, DFS, driverValues, EA, glowMode, isRoot, label, lastChangeTime, lastValue, name, portPositionTable, probe, probeSymbol, receivers, segments, senders, simulator, solderDots, st, VA, value, vertexTable, VI, visible, visited
Constructor Summary
ImageSignal(java.lang.String name)
ImageSignal(java.lang.String name, Port[] senders, Port[] receivers)
Method Summary
 void evaluate(java.lang.Object arg)
static Signal getDefaultValue()
 java.lang.String getToolTip(java.awt.Point position, long millis)
          construct a (short) tool tip message for an ImageSignal.
 void handleGlowMode()
          do whatever is necessary to update our graphical representation when the glow mode state changed.
Methods inherited from class hades.signals.Signal
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Constructor Detail


public ImageSignal()


public ImageSignal(java.lang.String name)


public ImageSignal(java.lang.String name,
                   Port[] senders,
                   Port[] receivers)
Method Detail


public static Signal getDefaultValue()


public void evaluate(java.lang.Object arg)

Specified by:
evaluate in interface Simulatable
evaluate in class Signal
arg - An object with the new value for this signal.


public void handleGlowMode()
Description copied from class: Signal
do whatever is necessary to update our graphical representation when the glow mode state changed. Base class Signal does nothing here.

handleGlowMode in class Signal


public java.lang.String getToolTip(java.awt.Point position,
                                   long millis)
construct a (short) tool tip message for an ImageSignal.

Specified by:
getToolTip in interface ContextToolTip
getToolTip in class Signal