Package hades.manager.tree

Class Summary
AssemblerFileTreeNode AssemblerFileTreeNode: represent assembly source files (.asm) in the browser tree.
DirectoryTreeNode DirectoryTreeNode: represents a directory in the browser tree.
FileRootTreeNode FileRootTreeNode: the root node for all (local) files in the browser tree.
PythonFileTreeNode PythonFileTreeNode: represent a Python source file in the browser tree.
ReadmeFileTreeNode ReadmeFileTreeNode: represent "README" text files in the browser tree.
RootTreeNode RootTreeNode: the single root node for the Hades design browser tree.
SortedTreeNode SortedTreeNode: a mutable tree node which sorts its children alphabetically.
TextFileTreeNode TextFileTreeNode: represent general text files in the browser tree.
ZipRootTreeNode ZipRootTreeNode: a tree node to represent a single JAR/ZIP file root.