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HYFLAM - A Hyper-Flexible Work Cell for Biochemical Laboratory Automation

In our proposed experiment we will build a hyper-flexible cell with a dexterous robot hand that performs a set of complex manipulation operations that arise in a bacteriological or chemical laboratory. Working with some of the deadliest microorganisms on the planet in a laboratory setting is a highly-skilled job where accidents can be catastrophic. Microbiologists need a better solution than manual intervention for performing risky tasks on their samples. The aim of HYFLAM is to experimentally demonstrate that robotic technology can provide intelligent manipulation through autonomous and teleoperated techniques. The consortium is composed of the University of Hamburg (UHAM) in Germany, the Shadow Robot Company Ltd (SHA) and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) in the UK. The University of Hamburg will contribute its expertise in robotics and manipulation. It is planned to use the modern anthropomorphic robot hand of the project partner Shadow Robot Company Ltd. As a potential end-user of such a system, the HPA will provide the setup of some real scenarios.

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