Fachbereich Informatik

Videos of my work

-> Explanation of action gist [Video]
Description: An action gist of a in-hand manipulation task consists of several types of finger moving directions. In this video we will see the meta motions corresponding to the thumb and the first finger. We note that the meta motion of middle, ring, and little fingers are working as the same way as the first finger.

-> Extracting action gist with our GUI [Video]
Description: Our GUI can easily parse the data from a data-glove to the meta motion sequence chart, as well as make an action gist file for the later process of motor babbling learning.

-> Interface of motor babbling learning [Video]
Description: A brief view of how to use our GUI start motor babbling learning.

-> Learning result -- simulated cylinder rotation [big] [small]
Description: The different-sized cylinders are moved by fingers.

-> Learning result -- BioTac Shadow hand [Tea caddy] [Marker pen] [Screwdriver] [Triangle prism]
Description: Four applications are tested.