Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar: Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Type Hybrid: In-person (preferred) + Zoom meeting
Schedule Tuesdays, 16:00 - 17:30
URL Meeting-ID: 977 4708 0367 Password: TAMS-Robot
Location Informatikum F-334
Room Tuesdays, 16:15 - 17:45
Organizer Jianwei Zhang


17.10. Marimbabot: Presentation and Live Demo (TAMS Master-Project WS2022/SS2023)
  Preliminary Discussion and Scheduling (Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe)
Presenter TAMS

24.10. IROS Report
Presenter Yuyang Tu

31.10. bank holiday

07.11 Robot Perception and Reasoning: from Reinforcement Learning to LLMs and Beyond
Presenter Xufeng Zhao
and Greifpunktbestimmung für Textilien anhand von Falten
Presenter Jonas Wiese

14.11. Dexterous Grasping Pose Generation for Multi-Finger Hand
Presenter Lei Zhang
and Multi-modal Robotic Perception with VIMA
Presenter Kaixin Bai

21.11. tba
Presenter Manuel Gomes

28.11. ROBIO rehearsal:
1. Encountered-Type Tabletop Haptic Display for Objects On-Demand in Virtual Environments
2. A Multimodal Pipeline for Grasping Fabrics from Flat Surfaces with Tactile Slip and Fall Detection
Presenter Yannick Jonetzko

05.12. Hand Teleoperation
Presenter Zheng Liu
Slides Slides 545 MB pptx

12.12. Humanoid Robot Localization
Presenter Jasper Güldenstein
and Multi-modal Based Sequential Reinforcement Learning for Multiple Peg-in-Hole Assembly
Presenter Xinyu Liu

19.12. Application of LLM in Robotics
Presenter Hantao Zhou

26.12. + 02.01. Christmas Holidays

09.01. Sim2Real Multimodal Learning for Dexterous Grasping
Presenter Hui Zhang
Slides Slides 1.3 MB pdf
and Capturing visuo-tactile object interactions from human hands for teaching by demonstration
Presenter Philipp Ruppel

16.01. Bimanual Robot to Robot Handover
Presenter Björn Sygo
Slides Slides
and Robotic Play-Doh Shaping
Presenter Fabian Wieczorek
Slides Slides

23.01. Multimodal Based Robotic Rearrangement
Presenter Wenkai Chen

30.01. Robotic Furniture Assembly
Presenter Shang-Ching (Sam) Liu
and Learning human-robot handover efficiently with PointClouds
Presenter Jianzhi Lyu