Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Location Informatikum F-334
Room Tuesdays, 16:15 - 17:45
Organizer Jianwei Zhang


02.04. Preliminary Discussion and Planning

09.04. Position estimation using particle filters
Speaker: Niklas Fiedler
Abstract: The approach uses a novel observation model to weight the particles accordingly to heatmap pixels (e.g. of an FCNN) instead of extracted clusters. The proposed method shows similar performance in standard cases and huge improvements on erroneous input compared to the conventional approach.
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16.04. Deep Reinforcement Learning, Dynamic Environment, Mobile Robot
Speaker: Ronja G├╝ldenring
Abstract: The talks presents a deep-learning approach for wheeled mobile robot motion planning in dynamic environments. Different network architectures and reward functions are tested to train the robot for path planning around static obstacles and walking pedestrians.
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23.04. Natural Language Visual Grounding via Semantic-Keyword-Aware Network
Speaker: Jinpeng Mi
Abstract: This presentation introduces the natural language visual grounding and the proposed approach.

30.04. Biomimetic Computation and Embodied Embedded Cognition for Spatial Audition in Humanoids (PhD defense, D-220)
Speaker: Jorge Davila Chacon

07.05. Optical in-situ verification of 3D-printed electronic circuits
Speaker: Florens Wasserfall
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14.05. no talk

21.05. Enhancing Robotic UIs with Mixed Reality
Speaker: Dennis Krupke
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28.05. no talk

04.06. FCNN for goal-post detection
Improvements for dynamic simulation models
Speaker: Jonas Hagge
Tanja Flemming
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Slides 20 M pdf

18.06. 2019ICRA highlights (group meeting)
Speaker: Hongzhuo Liang
Shuang Li
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18.06. A world model for RoboCup using particle filters
Monte-Carlo localization for humanoid robots
Speaker: Niklas Fiedler
Judith Hartfill

25.06. Learning manipulation with multi-fingered robot hands from human demonstration
Speaker: Philipp Ruppel
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02.07. Creating a Computer Vision Based Pick and Place Solution for 3D-Printers
Speaker: Felix Kolwa
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09.07. Playing piano with the Shadow hand
Speaker: Benjamin Scholz
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