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This page includes our Jython interpreter applet, a fully functional Jython interpreter in a Swing GUI. It allows you to run, edit, and debug Jython scripts directly from your web-browser. Your scripts can access the whole standard Java API, as well as user-defined classes and parts of the Jython/Python standard modules. The Jython console applet uses its own toplevel window, which is shared between all applets.

The applets below use the Jython interpreter to demonstrate our concept of an interactive script: Just double-click one of the applets below to transfer and execute the code inside the applet to the console. Once the window appears, you can start to type your own Jython commands into the command line (at the bottom of the window) and read the results and possible warnings and error messages in the log panel. You can also load, edit, and save scripts and functions via the tabbed editor panels on top of the Jython console.

NOTE: This page uses a digitally-signed version of the Jython applet. When prompted by your browser, you must agree to accept the digital signature in order to run the applet(s).

applet 1
Basic Jython:

applet 2
Interactive Calculator:

applet 3
User-specified Jython Function:

applet 4
Interactive Function Plotter:

applet 5
Viewer for FIG-format Vector-Graphics:

applet 6
Interactive Audio:

applet 7
Swing GUI:

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