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Adaptive Slicing

The Adaptive Slicing project startet in 2014 with a Master thesis. The idea is to automatically determine good layer heights for 3D-printed objects by analyzing the object's surface during the slicing process. In many cases, the automatic layer computation is a good starting point, but misses important feature or overestimates the importance of a region. We therefore implemented a tool where, after initializing a set of layer heights, the user can interactively refine the height distribution in a grafical interface.


All implementations are done in Slic3r and available under a GPLv3 licence on Github: https://github.com/platsch/Slic3r/tree/adaptive-slicing.
We also opened an upstream pull request to the original project which is still open and contains an extensive discussion and a second pull request with integration to the Prusa3d fork of Slic3r.

The work is described in detail in a paper which was published at the 13th IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering (CASE-2017).

A precompiled binary is currently only available for Win64, Linux and MacOS versions will follow as soon as the integration is complete.


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