Fachbereich Informatik

64-476 Oberseminar: Technische Aspekte Multimodaler Systeme

Procedure Zoom meeting
Schedule Tuesdays, 16:00 - 17:30
URL Meeting-ID: 977 4708 0367 Password: TAMS-Robot
Organizer Jianwei Zhang


12.10. Preliminary Discussion and Scheduling (Vorbesprechung und Terminvergabe)

19.10. Local geometry-based source data-free unsupervised domain adaptation (SFUDA)
Presenter Song Tang

26.10. Object analysis classification with audio feature extraction (BSc thesis)
Presenter Samuel Botzler

02.11. Highlights from KIT Science Week / DGR Robot Days 2021
Presenter Shang-Ching Liu and Dr. Chao Zeng

09.11. BEISA — A Humanoid Robot Platform
Presenter Qingdu Li (Shanghai University of Science and Technology)

16.11. BCI Technology for Human-robot Collaboration
Presenter Jianzhi Lyu
Slides Slides 3.0 M pdf

23.11. Reinforcement Learning of Real Robot Manipulation from Simulation
Presenter Lin Cong
Slides Slides 14.0 M pdf

30.11. Active Vision for Humanoid Soccer Robots using Reinforcement Learning
Presenter Florian Vahl
Slides Slides 1.0 M pdf
and Omnidirectional Bipedal Walking in Cartesian Space through Reinforcement Learning and Optimized Quintic Splines
Presenter Marc Bestmann
Slides Slides 1.0 M pdf

07.12. Bridging the gap between computer vision datasets and the real world for learning 6D object pose on point clouds
Presenter Ge Gao

14.12. Force-sensing Book (BSc thesis)
Presenter Enrico Milutzki
Slides Slides 1.5 M pdf

21.12+28.12. Christmas Holidays

04.01. Deep Active Learning for Object Detection in RoboCup Soccer (MSc Thesis)
Presenter Jonas Hagge
and NeoPixel Rings for Robot State Visualization (BSc thesis)
Presenter Benedikt Deike
Slides Slides 1.0 M pdf

11.01. Contour-following usi3ng a tilting extruder in FDM 3D-printing (MSc-thesis)
Presenter Canceled Daniel Fröbel
and Vision-based Perception for Dexterous Hand-arm Teleoperation System (PhD-thesis defense rehearsal)
Presenter Shuang Li

18.01. IMU-based data-glove (BSc thesis)
Presenter Can Bagdas
Slides Slides 9.0 M pdf
and Textile Classification
Presenter Niklas Fiedler
Slides Slides 14.0 M pdf

25.01. Deep Learning for SAR Image Processing
Presenter Zhang Di