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Hexadecimal (4 bit) switch and display

Hexadecimal (4 bit) switch and display screenshot


This applet shows the HexSwitch and HexDisplay simulation components.

Click into one of the '0', '1', ..., 'F' fields of the HexSwitch to generate the corresponding 4-bit value on the output ports of the switch. Click the '-' and '+' fields to decrement or increment the current output value of the HexSwitch. This simulation component is convenient to generate 4-bit inputs, and is used in many of the following applets.

If a bindkey is assigned to the hex switch (e.g. 'a'), you can also type the bindkey to increment the output value, or type the shift+bindkey combination (e.g. 'shift+a') to decrement the output value.

The HexDisplay converts its 4-bit input into the corresponding hexadecimal value and displays this on its seven-segment display. If any of the input values is undefined ('U', 'X', 'Z', 'W', 'D'), a cyan three-stripes pattern is displayed.

For reference, the Java class names of the hex switch and display are hades.models.io.HexSwitch and hades.models.io.HexDisplay. Also note that a HexSwitch will not work properly when you try to mirror (x/y) its symbol in the Hades editor.

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