Package hades.models.ruge

Class Summary
Adder Adder - a simple two-input adder.
Alu Alu - a simple two-input adder.
Color_DIN_IEC_62 Color_DIN_IEC_62 - encode numerical values in DIN/IEC 62 colors as used for resistor labelling.
ColoredRectangle ColoredRectangle - a rectangle with settable fill color
ColoredValueLabel ColoredValueLabel - a colored label on a HADES SimObject's symbol
Constant Constant - a SimObject that generates an (editable but constant) integer value.
DelayNode DelayNode - a SimObject that propagates an Event at one of its (four) inputs to the other (three) outputs after an adjustable delay.
Incr Incr - a simple incrementer.
IntegerSignal IntegerSignal - a class that models an Signal that transports Integer values
Latch Latch - a Latch for integer values
Mux Mux - a simple two-input MUX.
RAM_64K RAM_64K - a subclass of SimObject that models a static RAM of 64K integer words.
Register Register - a Register for integer values
TriBuf TriBuf - a simple tristate buffer ("Tor") Signals are expected to be IntegerSignal objects.