Package hades.models.rtlib.muxes

Class Summary
BitDecoder BitDecoder - decode the value at input A into a 1-out-N code (2**N) of type SignalStdLogic1164 outputs.
Decoder Decoder - decode an n-input value into 1 1-out-2**n code (active high).
Mux21 Mux21 - a simple two-input n-bit multiplexer.
Mux41 Mux41 - a simple four-input n-bit multiplexer.
TriBuf TriBuf - a simple tristate buffer ("Tor") Signals A and Y are expected to be SignalStdLogicVector objects, the control input S is of type SignalStdLogic1164.
TriBufBig TriBufBig - a simple tristate buffer ("Tor") with a slightly bigger symbol than TriBuf.