Package hades.models.rtlib.arith

Class Summary
Add Add - a simple adder without carry input or output.
Addc Addc - an generic adder with carry input and output, but without additional status signals.
Decr Decr - a simple decrementer.
GenericShifter GenericShifter - utility base class for RTLIB shifters and rotaters Signals are expected to be SignalStdLogicVector objects.
Incr Incr - a simple incrementer.
Incr2 Incr2 - a simple incrementer.
RotateLeft RotateLeft - Rotate left by m bits.
RotateRight RotateRight - Rotate right by m bits.
ShiftLeft ShiftLeft - Shift left by m bits.
ShiftRightArith ShiftRightArith - Shift right arithmetical (that is, the sign bit is duplicated) by m bits.
ShiftRightLogic ShiftRightLogic - Shift right logical by m bits (zeroes shifted in from the left).
Sub Sub - a simple subtrator (Sum=A-B) without carry input or output.
TwosComplement TwosComplement - generate the 2-complement of input vector A.