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Just click the button below to download and run the jfig graphics editor via the Java Webstart launcher. Naturally, you should read and agree to the license before the download:

(jfig3-itext.jar) via Java Webstart; requires JDK 1.4.2 or higher.

Notes about Java Webstart

The Java Webstart launcher is a very convenient way to install, and run Java applications - literally at a click of a button. The integrity of the software is automatically checked by calculating digital signatures of the software files and comparing them to the reference values stored in the jar archive. However, due to the very high costs of commercial certificates, we have to use a self-signed certificate for the jfig3.jar class archive file(s).

To actually run the editor after download, you have to ignore the warning about self-signed certificates being insecure. If you don't trust this, you can download the jfig3.jar software archive manually from our download page. However, this incurs an even higher risk than using Webstart, because the software integrity is not checked at all.

You can configure the behaviour of the Webstart launcher via the Java Webstart control panel. For example, you can disable the automatic download of new software versions via the control panel, if your internet connection is slow.

On Windows, the Webstart launcher can optionally also create start-menu entries and desktop icons for jfig. Just agree to this when prompted by Webstart.

  29.01.2006   Impressum